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ahfodThe first time I heard The Scientist, I was in college and was browsing through the radio while I was writing (handwritten, no less) my care plan for a clinical rotation the next day. After the song, the DJ said it was from a band called “Coldplay”. I thought they were fine – they sound new to my ears. As I was still a student living on my parents’ allowance, and internet and smartphones were still light years away, I became a Radio listener – a cool radio station (K! Lite anyone?) in Baguio, where I studied, plays cool current hits; also MTV and all that stuff – I’m one of the cool kids – MTV Generation!

Fast forward to the time of internet and smartphones, I could finally full on fan girl and afford to buy their music (and my music library). There was a time, I downloaded their entire music catalogue on iTunes; ugh, the good times.

The last time they had a tour this big was 5 years ago, I couldn’t go yet then – I couldn’t forgive myself. Then again, when the time is right, it’ll come through for you.

When they released “A Head Full of Dreams” more than a year ago, I knew they’re touring again. Also, because Chris Martin said something like, this album felt like a “finale”. I was anxiously waiting for tour dates ever since. And because at this point, I’m no longer a student but an adult who has responsibilities and all the boring stuff.

When they announced tour dates in Asia, especially PH, I’ll be damned if I’d miss them this time. Not only was I damned, I was mortified that I could not get through the virtual waiting rooms for online ticket purchases. I literally went country hopping – PH, SG, SK, TH and finally scored tickets for their show in Tokyo! Securing tickets is like winning a lottery. Two days after I was assured of Tokyo seats, they announced that they’re stopping by Abu Dhabi on December 31st. I mean, who does that? They’re visiting my extended backyard, how lucky could I be? Not only are they coming here for a show, they’re ringing in the new year, too. Two for one. It was going to be beyond epic, it’ll be LIT. I’d probably go nuts.

I was so lucky to be eligible for presale. I scored my tickets, arranged my schedule; there’s no stopping me. I’m pulling all the stops for my bucket list. And I mean, THIS bucket list: Coldplay Live right in front.

...more on the next post.

x JD



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