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Change Climate Change

It’s 00:48H where I am. The people around me are fast asleep and I can’t – hence, this. Earlier, I watched Leonardo di Caprio’s BEFORE THE FLOOD (watch it here) documentary and I am stunned, terrified and angry. How the hell did all of this happen? If you even care at all, you will watch it and contemplate everything that is in it. climate_change__dr_meddy
I’ve been indulging in my creative process about what to write next. Today, I know what and how to spend the next posts or so. I’m not trying to sound like an expert because I’m not. But, the Environment has always been one of the underserved, unspoken and undiscussed issue of our generation. At present, it is the most urgent global crisis affecting humanity across all spectrum. We’re done talking; we’re done studying; we’re living in it; we know about it. It’s high time we get our act together and do something now.


The first Environmentalist film I watched was Al Gore’s Academy Award Winning “An Inconvenient Truth” (2006) where he talked about “Global Warming” – the term he used to refer to the increase in temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. At that time, “Global Warming” was abstract and people could not care less about it. Today, a decade later, we are given this: LDC’s Before the Flood. The film mentions everything there is to know about this problem – how it all started, how much damage we have created, how vast the effects are at present, what is being done about it and what ordinary human beings like us can do to give his/her share in saving this planet.
The historic Paris Agreement is a landmark act for all world leaders to become front liners in battling this crisis and enforce laws and hold them accountable for their country’s carbon emissions into the atmosphere – and my beloved Philippines is a signatory.
This is where it becomes personal for me. Unfortunately for us, between the date of signing and ratification of the agreement, there was a change in leadership (a constitution mandated election). At present, 92 countries, including the US and China – both accountable for 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions have ratified it and have specific dates of when the agreement enters into force – 4 November 2016 (like the UAE), and so on. The Philippines is yet to ratify it as the current president scoffed at the idea saying it impedes developing countries like the Philippines from attaining first-world like economic growth. I’m frowning at all of this. The whole idea is to take away our dependency on fossil fuels and transition to more sustainable forms of energy like solar and hydro power. Which part did it say that we have to totally eliminate our energy use and go back to how things were in the prehistoric times?
I’ve never openly spoken about our current leader because doing so will make your life batshit crazy – try asking anyone who has done so. I will risk that today because LDC had me when he said “if you do not believe in climate change, if you do not believe in Science or in facts, or empirical truths, and therefore in my humble opinion, should not be allowed to hold public office.” He has appointed a fierce environmentalist as his DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) Secretary and I am very interested at what she has to say about her boss’ choice of not ratifying the Paris Agreement. We’re done talking, debating, discussing. The facts are in, Scientists have given us statistics and data; we just experienced a Signal no. 5 typhoon – the first time I’ve ever heard of my whole life. I can not believe that even saving the earth will be tainted with politics.
This goes beyond race, creed, or political affiliation. It’s urgent and it needs us to care enough about this planet to start doing something. After yesterday, I’m making drastic lifestyle choices if only to contribute to this global effort for long term solutions in changing climate change.
Get yourself educated (if you haven’t) by watching Before the Flood; and go from there.
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