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Istanbul, Turkey (26.03.2016)

—The post below was supposed to be for 10-07-2016. Procrastination is almost synonymous to Jacquie. 🙂


Before I begin, Thank You to every soul who were sweet enough to greet me today – nothing is unnoticed and I will get back to all of you.

Now, the introspect and everything about turning 29. No, I am not turning all sentimental and complacent. Aside from birthdays being our yearly reminder of our mortality – the only thing we all can’t escape – it also brings us to the realization that is, what have we done with the years that we’ve been on this earth? (You can ask yourself that too.)

Years ago, when I was starting to hold my life together in my palms, I was on heroin high with all the things that I can do – I did not pay attention to the things that I could not do, I was invincible. Young and stupid. Literally.

And then, I’m here today. A year older, hopefully wiser. Every year, I do a little reflection of the year that was and replay everything. If you noticed, I’m sentimental like that. I am a lifelong fan of the intangible and immaterial, of stories and experiences.

As time evolves, so does life. And man, what a great life it really is.

I started with whining, complaining and fault finding – who doesn’t? I was naïve. I spent a good amount of time looking at the bad things and try to make them better. I discovered the not-so-good things – in people, in me, in everything. However, it’ll eventually take it’s toll on you. It was taxing to feed your mind and soul with negatives. It eats your entire being and you become counterproductive. I became busy telling myself that things aren’t simple – some things aren’t doable. Then, I got tired of being  sloppy and careless. You know what they say, you can’t do the same things over and over again and expect a different result? I had that moment and told myself, there’s too much garbage already. So I started to take the trash out of my system. I started with, promising myself to be the best version of me – I was determined to be Zen.

What did I do? I forgave people even without them apologizing. I started doing things I thought I couldn’t do. I worked on my dreams, and they started to come true one after the other. I looked at people differently. I lowered the tone of my voice. I made new friends. I accepted bigger responsibilities. I did things differently. I did not care about what people were saying. I made a conscious effort to basically not suck as a human being. In all sense, the earlier version was immature, so I decided to grow up – the best version was actually being mature.

I used to throw the word mature like candy – I tell people here and there to act ‘mature’ when I did not actually understand what it meant. My dad puts it best – growing old isn’t synonymous to growing up. Adding in your years does not make you mature. You have to put in the work – with a dose of YOLO in the mix.

Then I realized, I was having fun. I felt lighter. My optimism was contagious. I gave people the break they needed and called out on their BS when necessary. I was happier.

For quite some time now, petty things rarely get to my nerves. I am not downplaying the stress and challenges of life, I’m not saying it’s not there. What I’m saying is that it’s your perspective that matters. Most things look bad on the outside – but on the flipside, it’s not – it has a purpose. When you start seeing things like that, you’d be surprised at how it’ll change you.

It’s both the good and the bad that makes life beautiful. I hope you’re having a great one.

XX jacquie


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