Travel Photos

Winter Tales in Istanbul – Day 1

While my bucket list gets longer (I lost count of how many), time and again, I get to tick off things in it. And nothing gets me kilig than writing about it and playing back the memories in my mind.

Like I always say, I can not tell you exactly h0w it feels because you have to be in that experience with me. Luckily, I was with some amazing people who I share the same mindset with about travelling, and man, did we have the best 4 days of our lives. No one lost cool and we just had way so much fun checking out the city and find out its stories.

FYI, Turkey is where East meets West, where Asia and Europe collide. We landed in Asia and flew out from Europe. How many people can say that?

Anyway, here are the best photos from the trip – I will post the logistics, itinerary and all in another blog. For now, I sorted through almost 3000 photos and here are the best shots.

Jacquie xx

PS – Had to make it in 2 parts because the photos won’t fit. xo





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