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Subject’s been written way too many times – I know that. I’m no expert either. But everyone’s got a pie to share, so here’s mine – on a silver platter, with chocolates and cream.

For someone who grew up pretty much dreaming, imagining, always in a state of illusion, etc., however you want to put it, it’s beyond anything I can articulate, even write, when these intangible things in my head, started to unravel before my eyes, one by one. As if they’re a huge prank or something. But no, it wasn’t. It was real life. I’ve always imagined what it was like to ride a plane, be on another side of the world and all that. One day, I wrote down things that, to me, are crazy – bucket lists. As if tricked by chance, these “crazy” things started to come true randomly – all unplanned and very spontaneous. I started locally – where else to dream best than in your own backyard. My “try zipline, rappeling, island hopping”, were all ticked off thanks to having awesome friends and a good first job. โœ”๏ธzipline | Corregidor, Philippines โœ”๏ธrapelling | Sagada, Philippines โœ”๏ธisland hopping | Hundred Islands, Philippines. Among other things that I tried domestically, I was young and foolish and was undaunted to think outside of the box – so, international it is. My dormant 5-year-old self was awakened and the Disneyland Syndrome was back and literally contagious. Also, I was lucky and blessed and ended up thriving and made a life in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and I was once again, on another side of the world. So, first things first – attending to my giddy 5-year-old self, and finally giving in to that Disneyland dream. It was surreal, so happy and priceless. Hands down, the happiest place on Earth. From then on, I was resolved at making my bucket list longer with even more ridiculous stuff in it – things I will never share, ever. Just a year ago, I was at a crossroad – move to a new job and delay a dream, or stay and carry on. I stayed, and easily, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, if not the best.

While I worked and still working on the things I want to do and the places I’ve only imagined before, I go through this reinvention and self-actualization. People ask me, why am I not spending/saving money well, and all that nonsense. I used to blank out and stutter and get lost. Then, I’d stop and ask myself the same thing – why exactly? It’s not because I’m already rich – believe me, I’m not. I’m as good as how much I earn. It’s not because I’m a show off or what, if you know me really well, you know I’m never that person. It’s not because I’m YOLO-ing or something. Perhaps, I am. But that’s not exactly why. I had to dig deeper to give an honest and sensible answer to myself: These are my experiences, my personal and firsthand treasures no one can steal or even compete with. If I’d buy a new phone, a new bag, or a new shoes, even a new house, anyone can get a hold of the same anytime, any place they want. But the experiences, how I spent those days, and the hundreds of things that I learned about myself and the moment I was in – that’s beyond compare. No one can have that. It’s true what they say – you can’t put a price on memories and experiences. Experiences can be shared, but never leveled. So, pack your bags and โœˆ๏ธ.





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